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Piximakey Animation Cla (Pixi Turquoise), Tin Can with 150g Animation Clay

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Godkendt til børn over 2.

Sjovest for børn over 4.

Professional-grade putty for puppets and props

Plasticine is the clay used in real stop-motion film studios, and when you’ve handled this material once, there is no going back.

Pixi Turquoise is blue with a green tint that reminds us of a bounty of beaches and tropical fish. A great color for sea creatures, doctor’s uniforms, venomous frogs, and jade treasures.

  • Recyclable and refillable 
  • CE-approved for 3 years and up 
  • Fantasy, mindfullness and fine motorskill
  • Animation clay that is stable  
  • Oil-based, and doesn't dry out
  • Can be used again and again

Soft to the touch and safe from 3 years+

Soft to the touch, easy to shape, and rigid enough to hold its own weight, this clay is perfect for fleshing out ideas, animating, sculpting, and re-sculpting.

Imagination, mindfulness, and fine motor skills

Experience the meditative joy of sculpting whatever your heart desires, mixing a rainbow of vibrant colours, and transforming a lump of clay into a unique character.

 Stays in place so you can bring it to life

Get that perfect shot of your character without worrying if it will keep its pose or collapse. Puppets made of playdough are usually too soft to stay in upright positions, whereas plasticine is much better at carrying itself - even without armatures, wire skeletons or other supports.

Oil-based non-drying formula lets you shape, animate, and reshape

Forget about crumbly playdough and rock-hard pucks of dried clay. Piximakey Animation Clay is oil-based, ensuring it does not dry out. Puppets can be animated months after they were made, and left-over clay can be kneaded together and used for new creations.

Re-usable, refillable, and recyclable

One tin of Piximakey Animation Clay is enough for a single-colour puppet, but all colours mix beautifully. When the clay in the tin has been used up, you can refill it with a slice of our 1 kg clay rolls. Broken tins can be recycled as metal to get a new life as drink cans.

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