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Piximakey Education Animation Studio, Quattro Pack

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Classroom starter kit for creative 21st century learning

Get everyone animating with this bundle of four complete Piximakey Education Animation Studios. With Piximakey, it is quick and easy to get started with stop motion - from three years and up. This beautiful wooden suitcase is packed with equipment so it only takes a few minutes to set up a scene. Download the Piximakey app for free, take your first picture, and off you go. 


A package solution for film pedagogy in schools and kindergartens 

The Piximakey Education Animation Studio contains two different device stands, so you can film from the front and from above with both smartphones and tablets. The suitcase itself functions as a stage with built-in backdrops, enabling you to animate anywhere.

With the five cans of professional-grade animation clay, you can easily build figures suitable for animation. The oil-based clay does not dry out, so it can be used again and again. When the tins are empty they can be refilled with clay from our 1 kg clay packs. 


Piximakey Education Animation Studio includes: 

  • 1 wooden briefcase with built-in stage
  • 2 backdrops (dark purple and light blue)
  • 5 pcs stop motion clay in 150g tin
  • 1 large wooden stand for filming from above (with mobile phone, iPad or tablet)
  • 1 small wooden stand for filmingstraight ahead (with mobile, iPad or tablet)
  • 1 pcs printed start guide 

The free Piximakey app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets, incl. iPhones, iPads, Android mobiles and Android tablets. 

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