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Animation Studio

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Entertain the whole family with this magical suitcase 

There are many hours of fantastic play in the Piximakey Animation Studio. Unleash the power of your child’s imagination and see their fantasy games brought to life as short films. With the Piximakey Animation Studio and the free Piximakey App, screentime can be active, creative and social. 

Piximakey Animation Studio contains:

  • 1 pcs wooden suitcase, with built-in stage 
  • 2 pcs backdrops (deep purple and sky blue)
  • 5 pcs professional-grade animation clay 
  • 1 pcs large wooden stand - topview (smartphone/tablet) 
  • 1 pcs small wooden stand - frontview (smartphone/tablet) 
  • 1 pcs printed start guide 

The free Piximakey App is available for smartphones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets. 

NB: Piximakey Education logo on the product may occur due to limited stock. Contents are the same.