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Who is behind Piximakey?

The vision and the people who created this

Piximakey started as a vision of a learning platform for children of all ages. A place where children can embrace the digital tools available to them, and at the same time be present in the physical world.

In 2020, we won’t try to separate children from their digital devices, but we want to help them find new ways to be creative, active, engaged and, most importantly, together.

We at Spilværk have made this way of thinking our philosophy and  starting point for everything we create. We call it…

Analogue Screentime


Amanda Rasmussen

Founder & Partner

Co-Founder with a background in education and design. Amanda is a creative jack-of-all-trades with a game design degree from the IT University of Copenhagen. Among other things, she takes care of product design, project management, and copy-writing. When she’s not working on animation and game projects, she enjoys LARP (live action roleplaying games) and playing obscure musical instruments. 

Magdi el-Toukhy

Founder & CEO

Co-founder and CEO with a passion for play and pedagogy. Magdi has a game analysis degree from the IT university of Copenhagen and years of experience implementing ed-tech in education, building bridges between schools, design thinking and technological innovation. With a creative drive like few, he shifts between writing articles, playing music, and building cardboard forts for his kids. 


Simon Bækgaard Kristoffersen

Legal Advisor & Partner

Lawyer and startup enthusiast with a knack for business development. He is both the analytical mind who guides of safely through legal matters and the impatient one who makes sure that we are always moving forward. When Simon is not busy with seeking funding and coaching startups, he recharges with music festivals and kayaks around the Copenhagen harbor close to both office and home. ​

Mads Hald

Art Director & Partner

Mads is the newest member of the team and a seasoned creative professional specialized in art direction and advertising. With his passion for playful design and digital media, Mads translates our fluffy thoughts about brand values and target groups into tangible visual art. When he’s not staying up until 3 AM to find the perfect shade of red, he enjoys teaching and inspiring his fellow creatives.​


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