Piximakey brings the magic of animation into the hands of kids.
Introducing this all-in-one kit for creative play, merging arts, crafts, and digital media.

Finally, it's here: The ultimate playset for stop motion and greenscreen

  • 12 siders inspiration til at lave stop motion derhjemme med Piximakey-appen, legetøj og kreamaterialer. Lige nu får du også en særlig Påskegave med klippe-ud-figurer til at animere.

Get all the background sets with the suitcase

Or get "standalone" background sets little by little

The backgroundssets can be used alone without the suitcase.

Piximakey is playful learning wrapped in Danish design.

With great attention to detail, we have created a wooden toy product that is both beautiful, safe and solid.

After three years of development in collaboration with kindergartens and schools, we have designed a toy that can bridge play and 21st century learning to unleash the power of creativity.

  • Animate Your Old Toys

    Dust off the old toys, up-cycle materials and everyday props. Use cut-outs from magazines and children's drawings. Look for inspiration on the internet, in books, films and anything you can find, really! Limitless imagination and endless playful activities.

  • Danish Design Excellence

    A full-blown hands-on animation studio. Complete with professional-grade animation clay, scenography and nice wooden device stands - bundled in a smooth wooden suitcase so you can keep all your great projects organized.

  • Made for children of all ages

    Tested and certified from 3 years and up. Perfect for 4-12 year olds. Download the FREE app and begin to create your very own animated films right away. Sounds difficult, right? It's really not. Promise! Get the free app today and take it for a spin before you join the play revolution.

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  • The Small Class Set

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    The Small Class Set
  • The Medium Class Set

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    The Medium Class Set
  • The Large Class set

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    The Large Class set
  • The Extra Large Class Set

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    The Extra Large Class Set

Download The Piximakey 
App. It's totally free, like in really, really!

You can download the Piximakey animation app in the App Store or Google Play.

Easy and intuitive app that helps you create your own stop motion movies step by step. Works for both mobiles and tablets - just like the stands in the Piximakey suitcase.

We have listened to teachers and pedagogues and launched Piximakey Animation Studio in an Education version.

Only the best is good enough for our kids, and we have selected our materials carefully, from the light birch veneer to the custom-made modeling clay.

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