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analogue screentime!

The mobile animation studio for phones and tablets.

Live on Kickstarter in Summer 2020 

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Children consume media more than ever. Videos and games are at their fingertips around the clock


A recent study showed that two out of three kindergartners would rather play with a tablet than with other children. Piximakey was made to change that.

Stop motion for everyone

Guaranteed animation magic for children and their grown-ups

If you can click a button and move things with your hands, you can animate with Piximakey. Open the box, download the intuitive app, and you’re ready to make movies. 

Unleash your creativity

Bridge the gap between digital and physical play

Tell stories frame by frame by moving, bending, or breaking stuff. Re-use your old toys – or anything you can find. The only limit is your imagination.

A toy revolution

From passive screen time to creative media play

Make your characters. Set your scene and tell your story, from first frame to final credits. Mix toys and technology, give it a shake, and enjoy home-made stop motion magic!

Free animation app

Ready... Set... Action!

Designed for ease of use so even three-year-olds can animate. The simple interface shows you the functions you need when you need them, guiding you from first picture to soundtrack and sharing.

For both Apple and Android devices

Join the Play Revolution

Want to get a Piximakey kit for your kids before Christmas? And get a special Kickstarter discount?

The Piximakey Universe

We want to bridge the gap between digital and physical play, and this is how we do it.


Stop Motion Kit

A briefcase with phone/tablet stands, interchangeable backdrops, and professional-grade clay. The kit fits most tablets and smartphones.



Designed for ease of use, so even three-year-olds can use it. The simple interface shows you the the functions you need when you need them.



Short and sweet animation tutorials to teach you stop motion techniques step by step. Everything is ready at hand, in the app.



When you film is done it is time for the premier. The Piximakey Community is the place to show your work and get inspired by other filmmakers.


Easy Share

When your film project is finished, you can easily share it as a movie or GIF. Just push a button, and the app takes care of the rest.



Need some inspiration to get started? The Piximakey Team have plenty of fun challenges to get your ideas flowing.

What's in the box?

A high quality wooden material ensures a great experience - straight out of the box

You get a fold-out stage, two interchangeable backdrops,  five jars of play-dough, and two different stands for your smart device. 

Everything fits in the briefcase and easily unfolds when inspiration strikes.

Bring life to old toys

Are your toys feeling a bit lonely in this digital age?

Dust off the dolls, cars, and building blocks and let them shine on stage! A movie needs actors, and most children’s rooms have plenty of potential cast members.

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What Users Say

A few testimonials from children, parents, pedagogues, and teachers:

I thought that all animated films were made in the computer, but in stop motion you animate real world things. I can make my toys come alive and it's much more fun than just watching Youtube.
Aspiring animator, 9
Seeing my son’s face when he pressed play for the first time was priceless. Suddenly, his toys had come alive – and he made it possible. The technique is simple and easy to learn, but the result looks like magic.
I've been using stop motion in my teaching a few years now, and it's a great tool for working with media, technology, and storytelling. Piximakey is the package deal I've been missing.
We had some concerns about screen time in our kindergarten and considered getting rid of the iPads completely. Stop motion turned out to be a meaningful and social way of using these technologies, and Piximakey is a great tool for this.
"Before Andy got his Piximakey for Christmas, I thought that he had forgotten me and his other toys forever. Now we are back together, and I'm playing the hero of his stop motion Western! Thank you, Piximakey!"
Anonymous Cowboy Doll


We are launching Piximakey via the crowdfunding platform When you pre-order a product via a Kickstarter campaign, you only pay if the campaign succeeds. You can pay with most credit and debit cards and everything is secure.

The production of Piximakey kits starts when the 30 day campaign ends, so you should expect a couple of months from pre-order to receiving the product – delivery estimates are stated on our Kickstarter page. To reward you for your patience, you get the product at a special discount.

No, but depending on your location, your order might be subject to import duty. If in doubt, ask you local tax authorities. Piximakey ships from within the EU, and European VAT is included in the price. Shipping costs are added to your order when you enter your address.

We will at a later point. For now, you get the greatest discount by pre-ordering via Kickstarter. By choosing an “Early Bird reward”, you get the product cheaper than anyone else – but stock is limited, so you have to be quick.

If you are not happy with the product, please get in touch, and we will do what we can to help you – we offer returns as well as replacement parts.

Have a question that’s not answered above? Feel free to write us.

Who is behind Piximakey?

The vision and the people who created this

Piximakey started as a vision of a learning platform for children of all ages. A place where children can embrace the digital tools available to them, and at the same time be present in the physical world.

In 2020, we won’t try to separate children from their digital devices, but we want to help them find new ways to be creative, active, engaged and, most importantly, together.

We at Spilværk have made this way of thinking our philosophy. For every idea we create we seek the golden middle way between digital empowerment and playful tangible human connection. We call it…

Analogue Screentime

Contact us

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Drop us a message and we will reply as soon as we can.