All Piximakey Stop Motion Products

A Complete Stop Motion Studio

A Wooden Toy for Digital Kids

Piximakey is made from plywood and built to last for many years. The set consists of two foldable camera racks and a practical wooden suitcase which transforms into a stage with two interchangeable backdrops.

Piximakey Stop Motion App

The Piximakey Stop Motion App is intuitive and incredibly easy to get started with, even for very young children. In the app, you will find video tutorials and links to our Youtube channel with inspiration for projects and much more.

Clay Isn't Just Clay

Included in your Piximakey Stop Motion Studio are 5 cans of our animation modeling clay in a quality that is completely unique. It does not dry out and it keeps its shape way better than regular playdough. Once you have it in your hands, you understand that modeling clay is not just modeling clay. There is no turning back.