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The Small Class Set

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Godkendt til børn over 2.

Sjovest for børn over 4.

The small class set is not even that small.

It is perfect for the kindergarten when you have to start making films about crawling animals - or when the whole class has to start with stop motion for the first time.

Divide the children into smaller groups and go, e.g. in the process of interpreting H.C. Andersen's fairy tales with real animation clay and all the world's glue sticks!

The set includes:

Pack of 6 Piximakey Education Animation Studio, each containing:

1 wooden case with built-in stage
2 backdrops (dark purple and light blue)
5 pcs stop motion model wax in a tin
1 large wooden tripod for filming from above (with mobile phone, iPad or tablet)
1 small wooden stand - front view (with mobile, iPad or tablet)
1 piece. printed start guide
In addition:

10 sets of woodworking tools
4 extra packages with 5 animation clays "Standard"
4 extra packs of 5 animation clays "Mother Earth"

Piximakey Education makes it playfully easy to get started with stop motion, from three years and up. The beautiful wooden case is packed with equipment, so it only takes a few minutes to set up a scene. Download the Piximakey app for free, take your first photo, and off you go.

A package solution for film pedagogy at children's level
The Piximakey Education Animation Studio contains two different tripods, so you can film both from the front and from above with smartphones and tablets. The suitcase itself functions as a stage with built-in backdrops, so you can animate anywhere.

Each case contains 5 tins of professional animation model wax, you can easily build figures suitable for animation. The oil-based clay does not dry out, so it can be used again and again - and the tins can be refilled with clay, which can be bought in 1 kg packs.

The free Piximakey app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets, incl. iPhones, iPads, Android mobiles and Android tablets.

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